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Ms Manisha Gupta WINS yet another Award, after having been a WINNER at an International Film Festival in LOS ANGELES (Sept.) and the 6th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival (Apr.), for her Debut Screenplay “FALL” In SPRING….??, at the 5th Delhi Shorts International Film Festival, 2016 on November 6. Ms Manisha’s Short Film “HAPPINESS IS…” has Won an Award at the 2nd Dehradun International Film Festival, 2016. This Film has been an Official Selection at many International Film Festivals in India & Abroad.

MG’s Pen…………

Article "Care Givers or "Scare" Givers...??" published in the September 2014 issue of the magazine "Dignity Dialogue", a publication of the Dignity Foundation.

Article on CSR titled "Do Boond for Society", published in "The Financial Express" and "The Indian Express" on December 31, 2013.

Column: “The Business with a Silver Lining” published in “The Financial Express” Small & Medium Enterprises magazine SME WORLD on August 30, 2013 (July-September-2013 issue)

Article “A “Guru +” for your Connectivity with God” published in Focus Global Reporter,  June 2012 issue

Article “The “Black Forest”….. Within” published in Focus Global Reporter, February- 2012 issue

Article “Need a Plumber……..for Happiness !!” published in Focus Global Reporter,        December-2011 issue

Article “Your Eiffel Tower”   published in “The Hindustan Times” Inner Voice column as “How to Look at Life” on July 25, 2011.

Article “Countering Negatives for Spiritual Bliss” published in Focus Global Reporter, November-2010 issue.

Article “Happiness: Stepping Stone to Spiritual Bliss” published in Focus Global Reporter, September-2010 issue

Article “That’s Life’s Happiness!” published in “The Hindustan Times” Inner Voice column as Life’s gains, Misses” on March 15, 2010

Article “Be Happy” published in “The Times of India” supplement “Wellness Times” on November 6, 2009

Article “Culture Capital Lacks Culture” published in the Tabloid “METRO NOW” (New Delhi), on May 14, 2008

Opinion on “Who is Most Influential in the World?published on TIME magazine website in “TIME talk back- on TIME-100 list, on May 2, 2008    

Article “Closed Emotions Open Page”published in “The Hindu” Open Page column as Closed Emotions” on March 9, 2008

Hindi poetry “Intezaar”published in an organizational magazine in Bombay, 1998

Ideas on “Making Bombay Better” (Contest), published in “THE METROPOLIS” (Anniversary issue) Newspaper, Bombay, dated February 5-6, 1994

Article “GIFT for the Nation” published in the FEMINA magazine “Soap Box” column, as “Why Make A Baby When you can Take One?”, on July 23, 1993


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