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LOGIHQ  International Happiness Film Festival & Exhibition liHfe -2021


Manisha Gupta
Founder & Managing Director
      Dr. Kulbhushan Kothari

Manisha is an Artist, Writer, Poet, IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Professional (with 18 years experience) and a Training professional, who took to Screenwriting and Filmmaking some 4 years ago and won more than 225 Accolades & Awards internationally for her short screenplays & films. A pioneer in the field of IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights) for grassroots creative communities in India in 2002-2003, she is also a pioneer in the field of Happiness in India.

A “Happiness Entrepreneur”, she founded LOGIHQ, a Happiness start up, in 2011 way ahead of its times with the purpose of “lifting people to a happier plane” (LOGIHQ’s motto) by helping them achieve a higher form of Happiness through creativity. She called this higher happiness “Intellectual Happiness” (a term coined by her when she founded LOGIHQ).

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For the past 40 years, Prof. K.B. Kothari has served in a variety of community, local, national, regional and international levels with major roles and responsibilities for education and health development, planning, programming, management and evaluation. These tasks involved designing, organizing and implementing community-based development programmes in health, nutrition, education, water and environmental sanitation sectors.

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 New Delhi

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