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LOGIHQ International Happiness Film festival & Exhibition (liHfe)

is a quarterly film festival of short films with a live screening and Annual Awards event at the end of the year. Apart from short films of 1, 3, and 5 minutes duration, there are categories for Poetry films, Painting films, Dance films, Animation films and Poetry, Painting & Photography also. There is a special category for creative Senior Citizens (above 60 yrs).

liHfe depicts “life” with HAPPINESS. In the current scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic which has had us all extremely anxious, stressed and uncertain about everything in life or maybe even life itself, the most important ingredient to keep us going is Happiness.

So LOGIHQ, a HAPPINESS company, in keeping up with its motto of lifting people to a happier plane, is starting this international film festival of Happiness, a unique and one of its kind event to generate the simplest and the most important thing in life- HAPPINESS.

This perhaps is the first film festival of Happiness and aspires to bring about happiness to its creators and audiences alike.

The THEME for our inaugural quarter (Jan-Mar-2021) is Happiness in times of COVID-19

Come and join us in spreading joy and cheer all over even in such distressing and uncertain times of the deadly coronavirus.

The quarterly winners in each category compete for the Annual Awards with a live screening once a year. Winners will be announced on our website and social media pages every quarter.

The competition runs every quarter and our jury selects the winners, who will be notified by the end of the quarter or beginning of the following quarter.

 ** SPECIAL INAUGURAL DISCOUNT on ALL Entries on ALL Submission Platforms ONLY till 25th MARCH 2021 ** 

We accept entries via international online platforms. See Submission details.

Festival Director


The official selections and winners will receive laurels every quarter.

The quarterly winners will also receive certificates via email.

The Annual winners in each category will receive a Trophy & Certificate at the Annual Awards event *

All quarterly winners in each category will also receive their certificates during this event.

Award Categories:

Best 1 min. film

Best 3 min. film

Best 5 min. film

Best Poetry film

Best Painting film

Best Dance film

Best Animation film

Best Poetry (written in ENGLISH)

Best Painting

Best Photograph

Best Creative Senior Citizens (above 60 yrs) (All categories)

There may be some special Awards also.

*(The Annual Awards event in 2021 will be conducted in Delhi depending on the COVID-19 situation).*


We accept entries via international online platforms. See Submission details.

(Please note that all entries in ALL categories must adhere to the basic theme of the festival- HAPPINESS- and the particular theme of the Quarter.)

  1. The liHfe film competition runs every quarter and the jury will select the winners, who will be notified by the end of each quarter or beginning of the next.
  2. The theme for the 1stquarter: January-March-2021: is “Happiness in times of COVID-19”.
  3. For the Jan-Mar-2021 competition, all work/projects in each category should have been created on/after 1stMarch 2020. A maximum of 3 entries per entrant is allowed in each category.
  1. The jury will screen quarterly selections privately and select winners. The quarterly winners in each category qualify for competing in the Annual Award in that category and if selected, will be screened at the Annual event to be held at the end of the year.
  2. Applicants 18 years & above, from all over the world are invited to submit (subject to the laws of the applicant’s country of residence). To apply in the Senior Citizen category, the applicant has to be 60 years (or above) as on January 1, 2021.
  3. All non-English films must have English Subtitles.
  4. Please note when submitting a project to the categories of Painting/ Poetry/Dance films, these cannot be performances or recordings of performances/methods of the genre. These have to be at the intersection of Painting/Poetry/Dance with FILM and have to be used in a way that moves the plot or story forward. Mere performances/ recordings of Painting/Poetry/Dance will be DISQUALIFIED.
  5. The submitter declares that while creating these projects/works, all rules/ regulations/norms of their country/state/city have been followed and that any work created during the COVID-19 pandemic has complied with all the rules & regulations and laws of the country/state/city where it was created. The applicant has the sole responsibility.
  6. Each entry has to be accompanied by the requisite fee. No refund for non-selected projects and incomplete entries.
  7. No entry fee waivers. No refunds. All entry fees are non-refundable.
  8. The decision of the festival committee will be final and no communication in this regard will be entertained. All communications will be via email. No phone calls.
  9. The festival reserves the right to disqualify any entry/project on certain grounds and reserves the right to not screen/display any submission for any reason it deems fit.
  10. No violence, no obscenity, no objectionable content.
  11. All Submissions must be the entrant’s original work and shall not infringe upon any Intellectual Property Rights (Copyrights, Trademarks etc.) or any other rights of any Third Parties. By entering the festival, the Submitters agree that they own or have obtained all required copyrights and permissions regarding music, sound, images etc. contained in their work.
  12. Entrants agree that the Festival Organizers of liHfe will NOT be held liable for any copyright or other violations by the entrant. The entrant is solely responsible for the contents of the work/project and takes full responsibility. The entrant agrees that she/he has the rights and authority to submit the content.
  13. liHfe organizers reserve the right to change, cancel or re-schedule the festival dates or categories or awards. The festival also reserves the right to take all decisions regarding the festival.
  14. By submitting the project to liHfe, the applicant agrees to have read and accepted all terms & conditions of participation in the festival.
  15. If the organizers accept the project/film for exhibition in the Festival, the applicant hereby grants the following rights to the organizers without any conditions and qualifications:
    a. right to use footage, stills, titles, and other information from or relating to the Project/film for the purposes of promotion;b. right to authorize publicity for the Project/film and all people related to it; andc. to use the names and biographical information of all people associated with the Project/film for exhibition of the Project/film in, and promotion of, the Festival.
  16. The festival is not responsible if the film is not screened due to problems in film format.
  17. The Annual Awards event is proposed to be held in New Delhi, INDIA in December 2021 (subject to the COVID-19 situation).
  18. By submitting the project/film for this Festival, every applicant is hereby declaring that a film shot/project created during the COVID-19 pandemic has complied with all the necessary requirements for shooting/other according to the laws of the country where the project was created.
  19. The person submitting the project/film has the sole responsibility to secure authorization and permission from the copyright or trademark owner(s) of any and all relevant content that forms part of the submitted project/film. The festival organizers are in no way responsible for and will not be held responsible for any unauthorized use of any copyrighted or trademarked content within or relating to the submitted project which is or may become the basis for any third party claim for copyright or trademark infringement or unfair competition.
  20. In case a minimum required number of entries are not received in a particular category/categories in a particular quarter period, the entries received for these will be carried over to the next quarter for judging.

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1948年 北海道上川郡和寒町の開拓地(電気ガス水道のない所)生まれ





A retired medical professional after serving about 31 years of public services at districts hospital, regional referral hospital and ministry levels. He has clinical expertise of graduate level…more>>



1991-1994 Kent Institute of Art and Design, University of Kent, United Kingdom
BA (Hon’s) Communication Media (Design pathway)
1979-1982 National Handicrafts Design Centre, Thimphu, Bhutan
1976-1979 National Fine Arts Centre, Thimphu, Bhutan,……more>>



Jeremy Frindel is a documentary filmmaker specializing in intimate portraits of inspiring individuals. He has produced and directed two feature length films, One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das and The Doctor From India, both distributed theatrically by Zeitgeist Films….more>>



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